Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sorjer forsvinnandet av en kultur.

Conservative Swede skriver tankvarda rader i Gates of Vienna:

Regarding Sweden: I’m an alien here. I have denounced this country (the sinking ship). My relation to the indigenous people is the one of an anthropologist. I will stay a couple of years more for participant observations.

The Sweden that existed when I was young is already gone. It hasn’t become manifest yet, but it has already happened.

Let me give you an illustration of what I mean. Assume that you killed someone. You are in shock and horror, and you bury the corpse in your garden. It’s a highly tragic event, but the tragedy has not become manifest yet. Eventually things will come up to the surface — the corpse is bound to be found, you will go to jail, etc. But even though it has not become manifest yet, your life is already destroyed.

Or compare it to a giant meteor heading for our planet, so big that even modern technology can’t stop it. It’s ten years away, hasn’t hit us yet, but the end is already programmed.

Las mer i Gates of Vienna.

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